My Journey Into Art

Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Wrap Up of 2012

I'm here!  I know that I haven't blogged in several weeks and I truly feel bad about that.  I was sick for a good portion of that time with some kind of chest/sinus infection.  I resisted going to the doctor because I hate taking antibiotics.  I knew that given enough time, my body would heal itself.  And it did.  But I have to admit that I suffered a lot in between and slept on the sofa a few nights because my coughing was so bad that I kept my family up.  I'm better now.  During that time I didn't do much art at all.  I didn't have the energy to touch any art supplies but the yearning to make art was there.

As I reflect back on the year, my chosen word for 2012 and what came out of it, I have to say I'm pretty happy with the results.  My word for 2012 was BRAVE.

This is what I wrote on January 2, 2012:

    For 2012, my word for the year is Brave. I want to step out of my comfort zones and push my boundaries to see where they lead me. I want to do this from an artistic standpoint as well as in life experiences. There are so many things I want to do, but my negative self talk stops me. No more! I'm ready to take on 2012 with a vengeance to see what new things I can accomplish.

   Some of my goals this year are to better my sketching skills. I want to try life drawing. I want to draw/paint/journal from imagination more. I want to find a local group of creatives to paint/draw/sketch with and being inspired by. I want to really jump in with both feet and see what comes out when I reflect back on 2012 next year. I feel that I have gained so much in the last year. I started without much confidence in my skills to where I am today, and wonder what I will be able to accomplish this year now that I have more confidence.

I feel that I did step out of my comfort zone on so many levels.  I think my sketching skills improved and I did start to paint more from imagination. I experimented with different styles and mediums this year.

I didn't find that local group of creatives to paint/draw/sketch with because I didn't make a real concerted effort to do that.  I was hoping it was just going to magically appear! HA!

I did go regularly to life drawing sessions and I really enjoyed that.  At first I felt a little intimidated by the other artists but after looking around I saw artists of all different levels and styles there.  No one made me feel out of place.

I entered my artwork into a juried exhibition and two of my works were selected.  I was on cloud nine.  That was a huge brave thing for me to do.

I kept an art journal of sorts for the majority of the year but it turned out to be more of a diary than an expression of art so I didn't share those pages very often.  It became a daily recording of snippets of my day and an outlet of writing out my feelings about whatever was going on.  It kind of fizzled out by September and no art on the pages at all, just writing.

I opened an Etsy shop to sell my original artwork and recently opened a Fine Art America account to sell prints.  The Etsy shop was a brave move for me.  I let it go dormant for awhile and then picked it back up again in the fall.  I get so excited when a sale comes in.  In one instance, I danced around my living room for about 5 minutes because I was so joyful.

On a personal level, I wanted to try a yoga class or a join a gym but I was feeling intimidated by that because I was so overweight.  Part of my being brave was to conquer my fear and just do it.  I didn't join a gym until July.  I put on big girl brave pants and said the heck with it, I'm going and I don't care who looks at me.  You know what, no one looked at me.  Everyone is busy doing their own thing.  I've lost 50 lbs. so far.  I also started the Couch to 5K program in November.  My dream for the longest time was to run.  I was always envious of seeing runners on the street.  They seemed so fit and healthy.  When I started in November, the first workout nearly killed me.  My lungs felt like they were on fire and this was from only jogging 1 minute intervals. After today's run, I will have completed week 6 of the 9 week program.  Today's run is 25 minutes and I know that I can do it.  I can't really explain the feelings I have when I complete a long run like that.  It's exhilarating. I feel incredibly strong and like I can tackle anything that is thrown my way.  Maybe that is what they call a runner's high, I don't know but I love it.  I am healthier now than I ever have been.  I exercise 6 days a week.  I've never done that before.  I go the gym for strength training 3 days and run 3 days.  This is by far the bravest thing I've done for myself in 2012 and I feel super proud of myself for it.

I'm looking forward to see what 2013 has to offer.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Listen to Your Heart

I bought a few books recently that have to do with creativity and mixed media which is something I haven't really explored before.  I've been going through the books slowly and they are all a feast for the eyes.


The books inspired me to try my hand at mixed media and this girl is what developed.  I'm very pleased with how she came out.  I didn't really know where I was going with her when I started out but I like where I ended up.

Listen to your heart

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Late Night Mandala

I was doing my homework from my illustration class last night and drew out a little scene of a girl holding a cat under a tree with an owl in it. I decided to color it in with markers of all things and completely ruined it. I think from now own I'll leave my illustrations in graphite.

By this time, my whole family was asleep but I wasn't ready to go to bed yet. In the quiet of the night I started a mandala. I make them as form of relaxation and when I'm feeling contemplative. I've been thinking a lot about the new year and what goals I want to try to accomplish in the coming year. I was also reflecting on the goals I've reached from my list in the last year. I recently looked back in my art journal from the beginning of 2012 and read what my intentions were. My word for 2012 was "Brave". I'm pretty pleased with what I've done in relation to that and will do a separate post about that at the end of the month.

Here's my Mandala done on regular copy paper with various black pens.