My Journey Into Art

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fly Away

My birthday was yesterday and I got a bunch of new art supplies from my family as gifts.  One thing in particular I was really looking forward to trying was a set of Turner Acryl Gouache.  It's different than regular gouache in that once it's dry, it won't get reactivated so adding layers won't interfere with what's already there.  I spent the evening playing with them and I really, really love them.  They dry to a matte finish and it's very smooth.  This is a like a combination of opaque watercolors and acrylic paints.  I went with a more illustrative look for this painting by copying an image I found in a book that I took out from the library.  I was attracted to the illustrations when I saw the book.  It was in Bengali so I wasn't able to figure out who the artist was. I have been on kick of trying out new styles and themes.

Edited to add:  After doing some googling, the illustrator is Leo Lionni.  This practice painting is for personal use only.



  1. It's marvelous! It looks like you had fun doing this. Love the colors and the bold play of patterns.