My Journey Into Art

Monday, January 21, 2013

Inside My Sketchbook

I keep a sketchbook that has only pencil drawings in it.  Sometimes, I sketch out ideas for paintings in it.  Other times, I just doodle and have some mindless fun in it.  The following series of 5 minute sketches were done with the aim of mindless fun.  I started the first few while watching a Woody Allen movie that my husband rented.  I generally don't like Woody Allen movies but I figured I'd give this one a try.  It was To Rome with Love.  Well, I didn't like it at all.  I sat through it with my husband and sketched while listening/watching with half an ear.  The following evening, I brought my sketchbook to bed with me and I sketched more of these funny looking characters before I went to sleep.  They make me laugh with their silly expressions.  I think I have more of these in me.  We'll see!







  1. Loveing all the art you've been doing. THis post is so cute, love the people your sketching. Always love your faces and people, great details and colors that make these happy.

    KEEP IT UP!!

  2. These are fantastic! It's so inspiring to see your work.

    Funny you mention Woody Allen- I almost did my Master's thesis on him! But it's so hit and miss- some of his movies are so amazing and brilliant and beautiful, and then he'll put out something completely forgettable. It's hard to believe it all comes from the same guy! But he's constantly working, which I admire. I guess that's how we all make magic- some of what we put out is amazing, some of it not so great, we just need to keep showing up. (trying to remind myself of this every day when I'd rather sit on the couch and crochet!)