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Monday, January 28, 2013

The Cat Angel

One of the places I volunteer for is a non-profit cat rescue operation called Catz Jazz.  While I haven't had the opportunity to help out with the cats yet, I did volunteer to paint a memorial painting for one of the kittens that passed away in 2012.  They would like to set up a memorial page on their website for some of the special kitties that died.  I was requested to added angel wings to the cat.  I found this to be more difficult than I anticipated.  Overall, I'm pleased with the way that this turned out.  I worked from a blurry photo however I think I captured the essence of sweet Mokie in the painting.

mokie-siamese-2-1 (2)

Mokie- Commision

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  1. Oh, that sweet kitty. :( You did an AMAZING job- you totally got tht sweet face and expression. What a great project.