My Journey Into Art

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

To The Moon and Back

I used to tell me daughter when she was little that I loved her to the moon and back.  And she would reply that she loved me to infinity and beyond.  She's an adult now and I still love her to the moon and back.  Sometimes though, I wish for those simpler times when she was still a little girl.

This was done on 11" X 14" canvas panel with collage elements, stamping and acrylic paint.  This is in the style of the Tree Free Spirit class I'm taking although this time I tried to make it more of my own rather than replicating Mindy Lacefield's work.

To The Moon And Back


  1. My daughter is growing up right now, and I miss those simple days too! Really nice piece!

    1. Thanks, Kyra! They grow way too fast. I wish I could turn the clock back sometimes.